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ThreatCop: An Overview

ThreatCop is a cyber attack simulator and security awareness training tool that allows you to run dummy cyber attack campaigns on your employees and assess their vulnerability levels. This tool is a complete package of security awareness training against top social engineering cyber attack vectors like phishing, smishing, vishing and ransomware.

The tool has made its footprints in the industry by offering the clients with customized cyber attack templates. These templates are based on their choice of attack vector to initiate a simulated cyber attack campaign on the selected group of employees and department in the organization.

It helps the organizations to get the real-time experience and check how they would respond to a cyber attack. Moreover, they get a clear idea about every individual's performance during attack simulation, knowledge imparting and assessment to analyze the result of the progress made throughout the process.

Steps to Earn Your ThreatCop Security Drill Certificate

ThreatCop Security Drill consists of 3 phases. These phases are elaborated in the below mentioned steps:

Aim of the Drill

ThreatCop Security Drill is aimed to provide you with the opportunity to hone your skills in the field of cyber security awareness by letting you get your hands on the tool used by the numerous big names in the industry.

Benefits of the Drill

ThreatCop Security Drill is specially designed to help you in order to upgrade your skills in taking right cyber security decisions. This will help you in improving the security posture of your organization. Furthermore, learning to operate a cyber security awareness tool will become an add-on in your personal and professional growth!

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